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Cartoon and Animation - Program Instructional Objectives


In the Cartoon and Animation Department, students take all the courses in the program as compulsory in the first two years, and most of the courses are paired with other departments of the faculty. From the third grade onwards, practical training gains importance. In the third and fourth years, students are mainly directed to elective courses. Cartoon and Animation Department students have the freedom to choose the elective courses other than the compulsory courses in their departments, not only from their own departments, but also from the compulsory or elective courses of other departments.


The Department of Cartoon and Animation is a field founded on the understanding of synthesizing theory with practice, science with art, and reality with virtual. In the Department of Cartoon and Animation, which has the feature of opening important doors in the transport of communication sciences to the future, it is aimed to transfer the theoretical knowledge in the field of communication by supporting them with practical training, and to train well-equipped professionals and artists in this field that the industry and universities need.

Cartoons and animation are important as a field that is needed in all business and service sectors that concern communication and visual arts in our age where digital communication technologies are developing rapidly. Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication takes into account this feature of the field in question and undertakes both to train qualified personnel for the communication sector and to lead the training of qualified academic staff in the field.

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