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Advertising - Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate from department of Advertising;

  1. knows the basic theoretical knowledge, concepts and models about advertising and marketing communication.
  2. could adapt the advertising campaigns in accordance with different advertising channels.
  3. is able to link scientific, social, economic, legal and political developments with theoretical knowledge, principles and concepts of advertising.
  4. knows the research methods and techniques in the field of advertising for campaign design for the needs of the target audiences.
  5. is aware of the effects of communication and advertising on individuals and society.
  6. has the responsibility to know the legal and ethical dimensions of advertising production and to act in accordance with them.
  7. has the ability to use digital media effectively in advertising campaigns.
  8. could make target audience analysis and design advertising messages according to the characteristics of the target audience and consumer behavior.
  9. has the ability to work collaboratively as a team member in advertising campaign preparation and designing process.
  10. knows the aims, standards and functions of domestic and foreign institutions and professional organizations in the advertising sector.
  11. has the ability to analyze and evaluate advertising texts linguistically and critically
  12. The media in general, the development and theories of advertising media in particular; has knowledge of its relations with society and politics.
  13. knows all the processes of how advertising campaigns are planned, designed and implemented.
  14. has the ability to solve problems, plan and present in the advertising campaign development process.
  15. has the ability to apply media planning and purchasing processes in compliance with advertising strategy in different media.
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