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New Media and Journalism - Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision of New Media and Journalism Department

Mission: The mission to educate students who can produce and manage digital content, use interactive and participatory features of new media, use the opportunities provided by journalism, possess new media literacy qualities, act in accordance with professional ethical values, and understand the new media and the role of journalism in developing society is adopted, in the light of the vision.

Vision: Üsküdar University Communication Faculty New Media and Journalism Department’s vision is to train individuals who are knowledgeable and equipped in new media and journalism issues and able to use digital technologies in a competent manner. With its strong technological and physcial infrastructure, the department also offers strong practical training as well as theoretical education to its students. Our main future goal is that students who graduate from New Media and Journalism Department be professionals who are accepted in media sector and academic field in a short time due to their competence in digital technology and their intellectual qualities.

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