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New Media and Communication - Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision of New Media and Communication 

Mission: To ensure that individuals with critical thinking and social sensitivity who can create academic content in the ever-evolving media sector are trained. To educate contemporary academicians, researchers and scientists with extensive academic knowledge. To create an academic basis at academic level that can have multidisciplinary cooperation with other disciplines in the field of theoretical foundation with knowledge to determine the importance of the media.

Vision: The curriculum that the Department of Media and Communication pursues to be the best in the field, not only today but also in the future, through the education and training activities it carries out. It is aimed to educate young people who will be able to catch up with the era and keep a vision for the future by utilizing the possibilities of digital technologies. The Department of Media and Communication aims to be a world-renowned department in the field of communication sciences over the next few years, while also training strong professional people for the media. With strong academic staff, the technical resources, laboratory facilities, collaboration with the sector, in the next five years the department aims to be recognized in Turkey and the world. It is expected that the department, becoming influential especially with Erasmus Exchange Programme, will gain an important vision through exchange programs such as bilateral agreements planned to be made internationally in the near future.

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