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Journalism - Mission and Vision

Mission: The main mission of the Department of Journalism is to graduate students who can produce news stories and other content for traditional (print) and digital journalism; can design and publish the produced content in appropriate formats; can use interactive and participatory features of digital media; can use the opportunities provided by the internet in practicing journalism; have the qualities of media literacy; act in accordance with the ethical values of the journalism profession.

Vision: The vision of the Department of Journalism of the Faculty of Communication at Üsküdar University is to raise individuals who are knowledgeable and well-equipped in the field journalism; can use digital technologies competently; can keep up with the rapid transformations in journalism. The Department of Journalism, with its strong technological infrastructure and physical facilities, provides students with strong practical and theoretical education. Our main goal is that the students who graduate from the Department of Journalism will be the most preferred professionals in the media sector and in the academic community in as short time with their skills to use digital technologies competently, their ability to practice ethical journalism, and their intellectual qualities.

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