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Management of health institutions - Academic Staff

Prof. 2 Assoc. Prof. 1 Asst. Prof. 2 Lect. 3 Total 8

Öznur KARAOĞLU, Ph.D Assistant Professor

FENS - Industrial Engineering/ FHS / Health Management/ VSHS - Head of Health Institutions Management Program


Haydar SUR, MD , Ph.D Professor

Faculty of Medicine – Dean/ Head of Public Health Department / FHS - Head of Health Management Department


Mehmet ZELKA, Ph.D Professor

Rector's Advisor / Head of Coordination of Bologna (President of BEK) / FHS / Health Management


Fethi GÜRÜN, Ph.D Assistant Professor

VSHS / Management of Health Institutions - FHS / Health Management


Bahriye ESELER, Instructor

VSHS / Social Security Program / Management of Health Institutions


Serdar KARAGÖZ, Instructor

(Part time) Rector's Advisor/ Head of Personnel Department / YÖK Quality Assessor


Tuğba ŞAHİN ÇİÇEK, Instructor

(Part time) VSHS / Management of Health Institutions

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