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Prof.: 2Dr.Öğr. Üyesi: 2Lect.: 4
FENS / Industrial Engineering / FHS / Health Management / SHMYO - Sağlık Kurumları İşletmeciliği
She was born in Istanbul in 1981. She graduated from Department of Healthcare Management, Faculty of Health Sciences, Marmara University in 2004. She received her MSc degree in Management in Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions from Istanbul Univers [ More. » ]
Öznur YÖRÜMEZOĞLU / (0216) 400 22 22 - internal : 5028
Mehmet ZELKA Mehmet ZELKA , Ph.D
Professor of Labor Economics
Vice President / Head of Bologna Coordination / FHS / Health Management
Prof. Mehmet Zelka was born in Reyhanlı in 1955. Following his graduation from Reyhanlı Secondary School, he attended Kuleli Military High School and then Military Academy and graduated with the rank of Lieutenant (1978). He studied in the [ More. » ]
Mehmet ZELKA / (0216) 400 22 22 - internal : 2253
Haydar SUR Haydar SUR, MD
Professor of Public Health
Faculty of Medicine - Dean / Head of Public Health Department / FHS - Head of Health Management Department
CURRICULUM VITAE/ PROF. DR. HAYDAR SUR Name Surname: Haydar SUR Year of Birth: 1961 Place of Birth: Konya-TURKEY Nationality: Turkish E-mail: haydar.sur@uskudar.edu.tr KEY QUALIFICATIONS He has a 30-year experience in Health Sector in Turkey. He w [ More. » ]
Haydar SUR / (0216) 400 2222 - internal : 5081
Fethi GÜRÜN Fethi GÜRÜN, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Labor Economy and Industrial Relationship
VSHS / Management of Health Institutions - FHS / Health Management
He was born in Elazig. He graduated from the following universities;Anatolian,Istanbul and Siegen universitat. Many university offers courses since 2004 (Beykent, Arel, Gazikent, H.Kalyoncu, Uskudar, Istanbul, Istanbul, Aydın).His administrative duti [ More. » ]
Fethi GÜRÜN / (0216) 400 22 22
Süreyya YILMAZ Süreyya YILMAZ, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
FHS / Health Management
Dr. Süreyya Yılmaz was born in the district Karasu of Sakarya in 1963. He completed Elementary, Secondary and High School in Karasu. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Metallurgy Engineering in 1988 and received M.Sc. deg [ More. » ]
Süreyya YILMAZ / (0216) 400 22 22 - internal : 5065
Mehmet Lütfi HOCAOĞLU Mehmet Lütfi HOCAOĞLU, MD (Part time) CV
VSHS / Management of Health Institutions
Born in 1969. In 1992, he completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Cumhuriyet University, and his PhD on Internal Medicine at Cumhuriyet University in 1997. In 2006, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Co [ More. » ]
Mehmet Lütfi HOCAOĞLU / (0216) 400 22 22
Serdar KARAGÖZ Serdar KARAGÖZ, (Part time) CV
Human Resources Director / Instructor / SATUMER Manager
Born in Amasya. He graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Management with a faculty first degree. After completing the Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Institutions Management at Marmara University, he receiv [ More. » ]
Serdar KARAGÖZ / (0216) 400 22 22 - internal : 2270
Tuğba ŞAHİN ÇİÇEK Tuğba ŞAHİN ÇİÇEK , (Part time)  
Born in Ankara, 1979. She completed her undergraduate education as the department third in the Department of Business Administration of Başkent University. She completed her master's degree in Hospital Management at Gazi University and she is studyin [ More. » ]
Tuğba ŞAHİN ÇİÇEK / (0216) 400 2222