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Political Science and International Relations - Program Learning Outcomes

The students learn the theories of Political Science and comprehend its applications.    

The students learn the theories of International Relations and comprehend its applications.      

The students comprehend the developments and interactions of civilizations.   

The students comprehend basic knowledge of law.        

The students analyze the structure and mechanisms of the international organizations.

The students gain the ability of making connections between the theory along with the sub-disciplines International relations and other social sciences.            

The students comprehend the mechanisms of economy in general and international economy.

The students comprehend political history of Turkey and the World.      

The students analyze the mechanisms of Turkish foreign policy.

The students analyze the regional political and economic conflict resolutions.   

Follows knowledge in Communication Sciences and Sciences by using a foreign language at least in the level of European Language B1 and communicates with colleagues.       

Gains the competence for analytical and synthetic thinking, reading, writing, and teaching.       

Uses his/her knowledge and methods to solve problems systematically and coherently.              

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