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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Üsküdar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs Dean’s Message

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has been constructed in order to reach the analytical knowledge of the global and social plane, which is becoming more complicated as a result of the technological, social, political and economic transformation in our time. Our faculty encourages;

Psychology (English and Turkish),



Political Science and International Relations (English and Turkish)

History Departments on one hand,

and on another hand encourages double “major” and “minor” programs while promoting interdisciplinary studies in order to construct a rich syllabus for our students. The main objective of our faculty is to educate students who are able to make future-oriented inferences through thinking about the reasons and consequences of change and transformation, and are eager to understand people and society.

Our aim is to educate our students to be tolerant, analytical, objective and critical thinking, respect national and international values, have positive thinking and problem solving skills, be competent in their fields and have academic accoutrements suitable for the requirements of the era.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has been continuously developing and improving since 2012-2013, and it has deepened its curriculum, staff, technical infrastructure and educational understanding according to the conditions generated by global transformation. Our claim is to execute a proactive faculty that is dynamic and fast to react proactively to innovations rather than have a static structure and not to reject change.

Our basic principle is to educate our students in a way that is relevant for the future, be in peace with the world of tomorrow and be equipped with the knowledge, values and skills required by the age.

Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan

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