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- Administrative System


1. Administration and Structure of Administrative Units

Our faculty is structured in accordance with University Academic Organization Regulation which regulates academic organization of units within a university that are foreseen in the Higher Education Law No. 2547 and relations of top units with subunits which are related to operation, duty, authorization and responsibilities. In accordance with this;

DEAN Article 8 a) Assignment: the dean who is the representative of the faculty and units is selected among three professors within the university or not within the university suggested by the president of the university by the Higher Education Council once every three years and is assigned according to the normal procedure.  Dead whose duty period is completed can be assigned again. Dean can choose a maximum of two people as a vice dean among monthly-paid faculty members of the faculty to assist.  Vice deans can be assigned by the dean for a maximum of three years. The dean can change a vice dean if they deem necessary. When the duty of the dean is completed, the duty of the vice dean is also completed. When the dean is not on duty, one of the vice deans can be the deputy. If the deputation takes longer than 6 months, a new dean is assigned.

b) Duties, authorization and responsibilities:

1. To be chairperson in the faculty councils, to apply decisions of the faculty councils, to provide regular operation between units of the faculty,

2. To report the general situation of the faculty and operation to the president of the university at the end of every academic year and when it is requested,

3. To inform the presidency on payment and staff needs of the faculty with the reasons, to present the faculty budget suggestion to the presidency after the opinions of the faculty members are received,

4. To maintain a general observance and supervision for the faculty units and personnel on every level,

5.  To carry out other duties given by the law and regulations.

Dean is primarily responsible to the president of the university for rational utilization of education capacity of and develop faculty and the related units’ capacity; measurements to be taken when deemed necessary; providing necessary social services to students; carrying out education-training, scientific research and publication activities; observance and supervision of all activities; monitoring and controlling all the activities and collecting the results.

Faculty Board Article 9 a) Establishment and operation: The faculty board consists of the heads of the departments affiliated to the faculty under the chairmanship of the dean, and the directors of institutes and schools, if any, and three faculty members to be selected among the professors of the faculty for three years, and two assistant professors to be selected among themselves. The faculty board holds its regular meetings at the beginning and end of each semester. The Dean calls the faculty board to a meeting when deemed necessary. b) Duties: The faculty board is an academic body and performs the following duties:

1. To decide the education, scientific research and publication activities of the Faculty and its principles, plan, program and education calendar,

2. To elect members to the faculty board of directors,

3. To perform other duties given by laws and regulations.

Faculty Administrative Board 10 a) Establishment and operation: The faculty board of directors consists of three professors, two associate professors and one assistant professor, who will be elected by the faculty board for three years under the chairmanship of the dean. The faculty board meets upon the call of the dean. If deemed necessary, the Board of Directors may establish temporary working groups, education and training coordinators and organize their duties. b) Duties: the administrative board of the faculty is an assistant organ in administrative activities and performs the following duties:

1. To assist the dean in the implementation of the principles determined by the decisions of the Faculty Board,

2. To ensure the implementation of education, plans and programs and the academic calendar of the Faculty,

3. To prepare the investment, program and budget draft of the Faculty,

4. To take decisions in all the works that the dean will bring about the faculty administration,

5. Deciding on the acceptance, adaptation and exclusion of students, and the procedures of education and training,

6. To perform other duties given by laws and regulations.

2.  Resources Management

Our faculty had a system compatible with the administrative system of our University in order to ensure that all human resources, financial resources and movable and immovable resources are used effectively and efficiently.

3. Information Management System

The information management system of our faculty is accessible. Faculty activities are made visible and accessible on our Web site. Information and documents related to the internal and external evaluation process are collected in the information system and the security and confidentiality management of the data is carried out by the Information Technologies Directorate.



4.  Quality of External Procurement Services

Procurement of external services is planned and implemented by the relevant commissions within our university. The quality assurance and continuity of the services are ensured through the internal opinions about the services and the feedback received from the related units are to be based on the criteria determined by the university regarding the procurement process.

5. Public Information

Information about our faculty is shared with the public through our web page and media organizations.


6. Effectiveness and Accountability of Administration

The efficiency of the management and administrative staff is measured through the Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted at regular intervals in our university. Moreover, the president, vice-president, dean and faculty members gather with all the students of the faculty twice in each academic year and share the requests, demands, evaluations and suggestions of the students directly.

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