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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Üsküdar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs General Information

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Üsküdar University was founded in 2011 as Turkey's first university in Behavioral Sciences and Health field. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was established in the same year, and accepted its first students in the 2012-2013 Academic Year. The faculty, which provides education to its students on a contemporary level, aims to educate the students to be analysts with expertise in their fields of specialization, have advanced practice and research skills, and be qualified as well as entrepreneurial individuals who can take part in international platforms.

Purpose of Humanities and Social Sciences Department 

The department aims to educate students who will contribute to studies in national and international areas depending on human and ethical values that are based on scientific, contemporary and critical point of view. In addition to the scientific studies in the theoretical field, students are provided with a unique science and application environment with the application possibilities.

Application and internship opportunities are presented

The students can benefit from internship and application opportunities at NP Etiler Medical Center of Üsküdar University and NP Feneryolu Medical Center and NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital, which is an application partner of Üsküdar University. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences provides students with a solid academic background as well as educating people in the world of open-minded, cultured and knowledgeable subjects through compulsory and elective courses offered in a broad perspective. The interdisciplinary approach enables the students to gain knowledge in new areas and have careers in different sectors.

Departments of Humanities and Social Sciences Department 

Within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Bachelor's degree is given in 8 programs including Philosophy, English Translation and Interpreting, Psychology, Psychology (English), Sociology, Political Science and International Relations, Political Science and International Relations (English), and History.

Psychology Department: We aim to approach multidisciplinary issues in line with the academic and clinical standards and evaluate these issues with a critical point of view. The Department of Psychology aims to strengthen the ability to apply this knowledge dynamically.

Philosophy Department: Socrates, who is acknowledged as the father of philosophy, says, “An unquestioned life is not worth living”. There are many reasons for choosing philosophy and reading philosophy. Studying philosophy is to meet the questions that humanity has been asking for thousands of years and try to give these answers by analyzing the greatest philosophers in history. The motto “KNOW THYSELF” written on the door of the Delphy Temple has been guiding the ones to philosophy who ask this question. The graduates of Philosophy can work as counsellors in education and health institutions, research assistants in universities, philosophical consultancy in education and consultancy companies, managers, editors, writers, critics or producers in public and private sectors, NGOs in written and visual media.

Political Science and International Relations Department: Today, it is aimed to educate students who can interpret the network of intensified relations from a conceptual framework and follow the current developments. The aim of the department is to educate students who will master the world’s and Turkey’s issues, have knowledge of foreign languages, adopt analytical thinking structure, criticize and analyze them, improve themselves continuously, adopt entrepreneurial, adopt questioning perspectives, obtain ethical values and who are prone to cooperation and democratic participation.

Sociology Department: The aim of the Department of Sociology is to contribute to the field and the healthy progress of social life. Within this framework, it is aimed to have graduates equipped with the knowledge and skills required by the discipline of sociology; analyze the events, facts and theories from a critical point of view; follow the social developments in our country and in the world and adopt ethical values as a principle. In addition, it is among our most important goals to train specialists who can use the technology of the era and can conduct original field research in the department of sociology.

History Department: History, which is the common memory of humanity, has the function of increasing the possibility of understanding the present and developing predictions about tomorrow while keeping the communication between past and present alive. The History Department aims to educate historians who aim to reach the objective knowledge of the past. Üsküdar University History Department offers to teach its own history and world history with the aim of raising individuals who can comprehend, explain and analyze through different dimensions and objective views.

English Translation and Interpreting Department: The aim of the English Translation and Interpreting Undergraduate Program is to train our students to become well-equipped and competent translators and interpreters to translate and interpret texts and discourses in English and Turkish at all levels and in all fields effectively; to carry out academic studies at national and international levels; and to contribute to translation studies through academy-sector cooperation.

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