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History - About

Aims and Objectives of the History Department

History, the common memory of humanity, has the function of enhancing the possibility of understanding today through the knowledge of the past events and developing predictions for the future while keeping communication between past and present alive. Due to this fact, the History Department aims to raise historians who are eager to reach objective knowledge of the past before anything else. The main purpose of the program is to educate individuals who can comprehend, explain, analyze and synthesize their own past and world history in terms of different dimensions and objective view.

Educational Principles of History Department

The plan is to teach an effective history in order to be able to claim the history of other societies, knowing that both their own history and civilization are the common foundations of all societies. The purpose of this active learning process is to give students the ability to evaluate historical facts and events with the help of different disciplines, interpretation, questioning, critical and creative approach. In addition to basic historical texts, it is aimed to enrich the program with the support of historical novels, memorabilia, and periodicals as well as the written works of art, cinema and music, museums, archives or historical places, visual materials etc.

Job Opportunities in History

History Department graduates can be in both the private and public sector. The main areas that offer job opportunities besides education are archives, museums, libraries, municipalities, ministries, foundations, research centers and media organizations.

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