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Political Science and International Relations - Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To train innovative, pluralistic, egalitarian, ethical and researcher individuals who will be able to understand and assimilate current and historical knowledge, the discipline of Political Science and International Relations; generate analytical and synthetic thinking, reading, writing and research in the field of political science and international relations using interdisciplinary knowledge; be aware of the problems of mankind and the country from the social, political and economic quality point of view; discuss the current problems of the contemporary world, obtain creative, different perspectives and methods.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide basic political science and international relations education given at universal level that is related to the social sciences in the field of political, social and economic fields; discuss contemporary world problems in both theoretical and practical fields of discipline; become a Political Science and International Relations Department that is open to dialogue with the various traditions and perspectives in the world and opening up a pluralistic, egalitarian, ethical, participatory, innovative, inquisitive, creative and interdisciplinary mindset.

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