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Political Science and International Relations - Program Instructional Objectives

1 – Presenting a program in which both theoretical and practical reflections of scientific knowledge on the field are discussed together, and current and historical knowledge is synthesized

2 – Raising individuals who can critically and analytically interpret today's dense and complex global network of relations, and who care about joint work, democratic participation and ethical values

3 – Providing students with a versatile education by offering an interdisciplinary education and training approach by making use of fields such as psychology, history, sociology and philosophy.

4 – To provide students with the necessary knowledge and cultural infrastructure to enable them to continue to improve themselves after their undergraduate education and to gain the ability to follow their field up-to-date

5 – In line with these purposes, to provide graduates with employment opportunities in ministries in the public sector and other units especially related to foreign relations, international organizations, national and international private companies, non-governmental organizations, research centers, media organizations.

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