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Medical Laboratory - Academic Staff

Prof. 3 Asst. Prof. 2 Lect. 1 Total 6

Ömer Faruk KARASAKAL, Ph.D Assistant Professor

VSHS / Vice Director/ Medical Laboratory Techniques- Head of Program / Radiotherapy/ ÜSUZEM Vice Director


Kenan KESKİN, MD Professor

Faculty of Medicine / Head of Medical Microbiology Department


Duran DEMİRCİ, Ph.D Professor

FHS / Nutrition and Dietetics Department - VSHS / Medical Laboratory


Mesut KARAHAN, Ph.D Professor

VSHS/ Director / Graduation School of Sciences Director / Incubation Center and TTO Director/ VSHS/ Biomedical Device Technology/ FHS/ Nutrition and Dietetics


Osman ÖZŞAHİN, Instructor

VSHS / Medical Laboratory Techniques


Salih TUNCAY, Ph.D Assistant Professor

VSHS / Food Technology -Head of Program/ Scientific Research Projects (BAP/SRP) Coordinator

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