Medical Laboratory - About

Rate Type: YGS-2 Optional English Preparatory

Medical Laboratory Technician program, diagnosis and treatment within the health institutions in the laboratories, physician deems necessary elements that educates medical analysis.

The two-year training program with the medicine in the laboratory will work environment clean and tidy, holding the necessary supply of materials and unexpected situations where necessary can communicate with a reliable, knowledgeable, disciplined and rigorous working, skilled and professional Medical Laboratory Technicians are grown. The purpose of the program, disease diagnosis, and treatment in helping physicians and patients, accuracy, clarity, convenient and reliable results in terms of reproducibility which is to train Laboratory Technicians.

Medical laboratory technicians, hospitals, medical schools, private analysis laboratories, other health care organizations in research centers, institutes Hygiene and business can work in the food industry. Research and development work in the medical field who can work in institutions and organizations.

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