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Philosophy - Program Learning Outcomes

1) To understand and transfer information produced in the field of philosophy.

2) To have sufficient knowledge on relevant fields of philosophy.

3) To be aware of universal problems of the humanity and to question them.

4) To examine contemporary problems in a philosophical way.

5) To determine the place of universal philosophical problems according to local problems.

6) To define and solve particular problems in their field of study and to use it if it is necessary.

7) To use accumulation of information obtained systematically and consistently in order to solve problems to be experienced.

8) To evaluate and examine problems related to fields such as science, culture and art in a philosophical perspective and to use and plan interdisciplinary knowledge.

9) To gain the competence for analytical and synthetic thinking, reading, writing, and teaching.

10) To carry out research and to develop methods in order to use knowledge in the field of philosophy in solving world problems.

11) To do researched on developing different approaches on problems seen in the field of philosophy and to use the information obtained in solving those problems.

12) To be able to follow current agenda in the field of philosophy by using a foreign language at least in the level B1 accordingly European Language Portfolio and can communicates with their colleagues.

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