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Philosophy - Program Instructional Objectives

1) To equip students with Fundamental Philosophy History, Critical Thinking and Philosophical Concepts to be successful in their academic studies.

2) To equip students with problem determination, text analysis, discussion and reasoning skills and to enable students to gain the aforementioned skills to gain necessary intellectual knowledge accumulation and successful philosophical thought.

3) To enable students become individuals who can communicate effectively especially in order to perform written and oral presentations successfully, who can carry out teamwork and interdisciplinary studies, who are entrepreneurs, who developed greatly their sense of responsibility, who are creative, open to learning and confident, and who can compete in their fields.

4) To prepare individuals to continue with their self-development and occupational development by benefiting from all kinds of information sours with a lifelong learning approach.

5) To enable students to have professional and social ethical awareness and to raise students as philosophers who are true to ethical principles.

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