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Philosophy - Mission and Vision


To raise individuals who can produce and transfer information on the history of fundamental philosophy; who can think analytically and synthetically, who have competence in literacy and transfer of the aforementioned information, who can evaluate problems related to science, culture, art in a philosophical manner by utilizing the interdisciplinary information; who are aware of universal problems that huminitic faces, who can discuss contemporary problems in a philosophical manner, who can develop different approaches and methods, who are innovative, pluralist, egalitarian, ethical and inquisitory.


Our vision is to become a philosophy department which provides education on the history of fundamental philosophy in international level; which is corelated to art as well as social and basic sciences; who discusses contemporary problem both in a theoretical and practical philosophical manner; which is in touch with various philosophical traditions and approaches worldwide, and which enables pluralist, egalitarian, ethical, participative, interrogating, creative and interdisciplinary approaches.

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