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History - Program Instructional Objectives

History Program Instructional Objectives

  1. Aims to make students fully equipped in the field of history, with the ability to develop original ideas, by internalizing the knowledge of history with a scientific method in order to make a projection for the present and the future, and to reach the knowledge of the past.
  2. Aims to educate individuals who can comprehend, analyse and synthesize their own history and world history with different dimensions and objectives while comprehending continuities and breaking points
  3. Aims to teach students that learning takes a lifetime, both in life in general and in history in particular, and turn them into individuals that are willing to do so.
  4. Aims to give students the skills of Critical Thinking, Text Analysis, Data Collection and Source Analysis, which are necessary for being successful in academic studies and also useful in academic and non-academic business life.
  5. Aims to give students the communication skills necessitated by the future; to gain competitive power by using these skills both in team work and in oral and written presentations; being positive and able to produce ideas and projects with these abilities.
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