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History - Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

History, as one of the oldest disciplines, maintains its importance without losing its actuality in every era, due to the fact that the way to shape the present and the future is to know the past, and because it is the application area of many disciplines from law to economy, from education to art. Only by knowing the past can individuals and societies develop the ability to identify and understand the world and their place in it. History studies also provide individuals the ability to comprehend, interpret and transform their own experiences into behaviorial stance. The study of history makes possible to broaden knowledge that an individual needs to better grasp the complex world of today. History learning facilitates gaining a deeper understanding of complex causality, while also developing the lifelong learning ability necessary for active and participatory citizenship.

The vision of our program is to enable students to acquire basic knowledge of the field, to evaluate the knowledge they have acquired, and to express their evaluations while enhancing their writing and oral presentation skills, under the guidance of faculty members, through active participation during the four-year education period. Thus, our main aim is to raise young people who are fully equipped in the field of history, who have original ideas and the ability to develop their ideas, who can learn and use the knowledge of the past with an analytical method in order to provide a projection for today and tomorrow.

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