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English Translation and Interpreting - Program Instructional Objectives

Instructional Objectives of the English Translation and Interpreting Program

1. To enable our students to analyze and use source and target languages at an advanced level in terms of syntactic, semantic and contextual structures.

2. To train our students with the knowledge, equipment, skills, and competence to effectively translate and interpret texts and discourses in all fields from English to Turkish and from Turkish to English.

 3. To provide our students with an interdisciplinary educational approach; to graduate them in a way that they can contribute to the culture of the country and their fields of study with self-confidence.

4. To introduce the possibilities and opportunities of the field by bringing our students together with the successful staff working in the field such as translators, interpreters, editors, publishers, etc. to enable them to continue to improve themselves and to gain the ability to follow the new developments in the field.

5. To provide employment opportunities to graduates in the public and private sectors in education, broadcasting and publishing, management, informatics, communication, tourism, trade, health and other fields.

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