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Molecular Biology and Genetics (Turkish) - Mission and Vision

The Mission

Molecular Biology and Genetics undergraduate program at Uskudar University aims to provide courses of the innovative and highest academic contents. Our curriculum includes the education of molecular biology and genetics as well as basic bioengineering techniques, along with a various kinds of courses that aim to guide the students towards to different fields of biology, bioinformatics, genetics, genomics, population genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, and stem cell research. Our interdisciplinary method intend to improve and assure a high quality of service with thought in mind, body health, illnesses, medical sciences, genetic, social, biochemistry, core knowledge, spiritual knowledge, and family counselling educating to the highest standards possible.

The Vision

 Our vision is to combine the molecular biology and genetics, bioengineering and computer engineering theoretically and practically. Multidisciplinary education system in Uskudar University will help to improve the undergraduate students to be the best candidates for academic positions and also in other employment opportunities. Our department has intend to become an internationally recognized institution

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