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Sociology - Program Learning Outcomes

LO. 1.  To define, explain, interpret theoretical knowledge of the science of sociology, and to gain skill of application in the fields of social service.

LO. 2.  To gain skill of understanding, interpreting and evaluating social phenomenon, structure, relation and actors.


LO. 3 To gain skills of providing solution and research by developing a critical, multi-directional, analyzing and interpretive approach on social problems.


LO. 4.  To gain skills of analyzing and interpreting the data obtained and selection or sociological methods and research techniques in accordance with social problem that is examined by having theoretical knowledge and application experience on sociological research methods and techniques.


LO. 5. To gain skills of following all kinds of current developments on theoretical and applied areas on national and international level in the field of sociology.


LO. 6.  To gain skills of effective communication academically on theoretical discussion and application developed both nationally and internationally in the field of sociology.


LO. 7.  To gain skills of clearly reporting of results of the obtained information in verbal and written form, and to benefit from i databases and other formation resources to access information that they research by using contemporary techniques.


LO. 8.  To gain skills of carrying out studies both independently and collective to renew themselves constantly and to follow closely scientific and technological developments in accordance with lifelong learning principle.


LO. 9.  To have awareness on suitable knowledge and competence in accordance with employment requirements of the labor-job market.


LO. 10.  To gain skills of carrying out discipline based or multidisciplinary studies in the light of social and professional ethical values and rules.

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