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Sociology - Program Instructional Objectives

IO.1.  To present a program that provides theorical and applied fundamental knowledge that the discipline of sociology requires.


IO.2.  To present an education and training approach that improves skills of interpreting, reasoning and problem solving with an aim to approach social process in a critical and multi-directional way, and to analyze and to create and argument on social problems.


IO.3. To present education and training opportunities that students can have theorical knowledge and application experience of sociology research, methods and techniques and they can select sociological methods and research techniques that are suitable to social problems examined by using contemporary technological opportunities.


IO.4.  To present a scientific perspective enabling to evaluate and follow social, economic, political and cultural developments in historical and current areas universally and locally in accordance with the principle of lifelong learning.


IO.5. To provide an education and training approach which students can obtain skills of self-expression verbally and in a written way in academic fields and public or private sectors.


IO.6. To provide a scientific perspective which students gain skills of performing and applying individual or collective research based on a discipline or using inter-disciplinary approaches in the light of Professional responsibility and ethical values.

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