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Psychology - Program Learning Outcomes

LO1 - Defines and explains the theoretical knowledge of the science of psychology and gains the ability to apply in various service areas.

LO2 - Gains the ability to observe, define and explain human cognitive, emotional and behavioral processes.

LO3 - Defines and transfers accumulation of knowledge of psychology and current psychology knowledge in national and universal level

LO4 - Gains the ability to follow, analyze and intervene in a psychological phenomenon process.

LO5 - Gains the skill of versatile approach to the scientific and clinical issues of the field.

LO6 - Gains the ability to create an appropriate research pattern, design and apply experiments, collect and analyze data, interpret and report results using scientific research methods and techniques.

LO7 - Gains the ability of disciplinary and interdisciplinary individual and team work.

LO8 - Follows innovations and developments in national and international literature, gains a culture of lifelong learning and continuous development.

LO9 - Expresses and conveys information clearly and concisely in visual, verbal and written form, and transform it into communication skills.

LO10 - With the sense of responsibility required by the profession of psychology, he / she acquires the awareness of developing behavior in accordance with professional principles and ethical values.

LO11 - Takes part in social responsibility projects by developing awareness and sensitivity about social and individual problems.

LO12 - Gains the culture of acting independently, taking responsibility, analytical and creative thinking, and being open to development within the framework of respect for universal values and human rights.

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