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Oral and Dental health - About

Oral and Dental Health Education is Offered at the Level of International Knowledge

What is the Oral and Dental Health Program?

Raising professional staff equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of oral and dental health requires a versatile and disciplined approach. A competent "Oral and Dental Health" training should be provided in order to raise graduates who are preferred in the public and private sectors, respected, qualified and have reached the international level of knowledge in the field of dental health.

Features Required in Oral and Dental Health Technician

• To have basic theoretical and applied knowledge about the field of oral and dental health,
• To use basic computer programs and related technologies related to the field,
• To critically evaluate the basic level of knowledge and skills acquired in the field, to identify learning needs,
• Being sensitive to the events on the agenda of the society and the world in the field of oral and dental health, following the developments, informing the relevant people and institutions by using the basic knowledge and skills on these issues,
• To contribute in accordance with social, scientific, cultural and ethical values in the stages of collecting, interpreting, applying and announcing the results of the data related to the field.

What are the Responsibilities of Oral and Dental Health Technicians?
• Makes dental units ready for inspection and other procedures, pre-washing, disinfecting and sterilizing the materials used,
• Assisting the physician in patient examination,
• Procuring and preparing the necessary materials according to the type of treatment to be applied by the physician, assisting the treating physician during the treatment procedures,
• Taking part in the supply and control of treatment and consumables in the clinic,
• Assisting the dentist in preventive dentistry practices

What is the Oral and Dental Health Program?
Oral and Dental Health Program, Base Points
Oral and Dental Health Program courses and curriculum details
What are the Working Areas of the Graduates of the Oral and Dental Health Program?

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