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What is the Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety Program?

Uskudar University Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety Program employs qualified and specialized personnel with basic nuclear structure, radiation resources and application areas, radiation armouring principles, biological effects of radiation, radioactive materials and waste management, applied health physics, reactor theory and management, national and international nuclear regulations and regulatory, and the knowledge and capabilities acquired in the fields of nuclear technologies, who are study-conscious in the fields of radiation, who have the ability to understand new technologies and implement existing problems. In particular, the need for trained personnel in nuclear power plants, which is planned to be opened in our country and which is one of the breakthroughs that will prevent foreign dependence on energy, further increases the importance of this program.

The momentum that nuclear technologies have gained in the medical and industrial fields in recent years increases the need for professionals who have grown up in this regard. The procedures to be performed in all kinds of environments containing radiation factor are studies that require great attention and meticulousness. From the production of radioactive material, to the preparation of medical resources, from storing radioactive waste, from employees to receiving routine update trainings, every process requires great attention and dedication.

Uskudar University Medical Radiation Application and Research Center (ÜSMERA)

Uskudar University Medical Radiation Application and Research Center (ÜSMERA) has been operating for nearly two years and has been a first in Turkey and has carried out many scientific publications and studies. This program, which will be established within Uskudar University, will be in cooperation with ÜSMERA and aims to further improve the quality of education and education.

What are the courses learned in the Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety Program?

In the first year of our teaching, General Chemistry, Basic Mathematics, Radiation Physics I, Basic Biomechanics, Basic Information Technologies, First Aid, University Culture I, English I, Turkish Language I, Ataturk Principles and History of Revolution I, Mathematics in Nuclear Technology, Radiation Physics II, Basic Electricity, Positive Psychology and Communication Skills, Biological Effects of Radiation, University Culture II, English II, Turkish Language II, Atatürk Principles and Revolution History II, Summer Internship courses are taken. In the second year of our training, Radiation Measurement Methods, Radiation Resources and Application, Basic Electronics, Nuclear Energy Technologies, Professional Ethics, Radiation Safety Applications I, Radiation Shielding Principles, Accelerator Physics, Radiological Emergency Planning Principles, Radiation Safety Practices II, Health Physics, National and International Nuclear Legislation, Industrial Control and Motors, Radioactive Materials and Waste Management, Reactor Theory and Operation courses are taken.

What are the Areas of Study for Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety Program Graduates?

Students who successfully graduate from this program are given the title of "Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety Technician". Nuclear power plants, radioisotope production centers, government hospitals and private hospitals, calibration firms are organizations that provide services or services using radioactive materials manufacturers or radioactive resources.

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