Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety - About

The rapid acceleration of nuclear technology in medical and industrial fields in recent years has created a need for trained professionals in this field. The operations to be performed in all kinds of environments that contain the radiation factor are those that require great care and attention. Every process, from production of radioactive material, preparation of medical resources, storage of radioactive wastes, to routine update training on this subject, requires great care and dedication. Purpose of the Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety Program; To the industrial applications of nuclear technologies with the knowledge and skills they acquire in the fields of basic nuclear structure, radiation sources and application fields, radiation shielding principles, biological effects of radiation, radioactive materials and waste management, applied health physics, reactor theory and operation, national and international nuclear regimes and legislation. The judge trains highly skilled and qualified specialists who have the knowledge of working in radiation fields, understanding new technologies and practicing current problems. Especially in the Nuclear Power Plants, which are planned to be opened in our country and which will prevent the external dependence on the energy, the requirement of trained personnel has increased the importance of this program. In addition, Üsküdar University Medical Radiation Application and Research Center (ÜSMERA), which is located in our university, has been operating for about two years and this field is carrying a first quality in Turkey and is carrying out many scientific publications and studies. This program, which will be established within Üsküdar University, will be in business with ÜSMERA and will further improve the quality of education. Students who have successfully graduated from this program are given the title "Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety Technician".
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