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Environmental Health Technician program; The students who are trained will be given basic concepts related to environment and science, such as biology, ecology and climatology. The process of emergence of various natural and human-induced environmental problems and the important points in these processes is a training program aiming to give detailed information about the subjects in the curriculum with the effects that these processes have on short term and long term and different scientific solutions that can be brought to these problems. In addition, the aim of the program is to educate students in the working life, and the legislation related to environmental issues in the national and international dimensions are being taught comparatively. The main aim of the Environmental Health Technician program is; It is important for the educated students to establish an awareness of the importance, why they should be protected and what to expect when they are not protected, and to ensure that the graduates with this knowledge are able to work in the environment. Graduates are those who work as an assistant to the environmental engineer in order to protect the efficiency of natural resources and to organize the environment in a way that is appropriate to human health and well-being. Among the basic tasks are; Determination of factors causing pollution level to harm health, Determination of the factors that cause pollution level to be harmful to the environment, Tables and graphs collected about the environment in which the measures specified for making environmentally harmful solid and liquid or gas wastes harmless to the environment have been applied. It is communicated to interested parties. Students who successfully graduate from this program are given the title of "Environmental Health Technician".
Employment Areas of Graduates
In various units affiliated to Ministry of Environment, municipalities can take positions in organizations such as SEKA, Perkim, İGDAŞ.
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