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Environmental Health - About

What is the Environmental Health Program?

It is a detailed education program that deals with the fundamental sciences such as biology, ecology, climatology, and the emergence of natural and man-made environmental problems, and with different scientific solutions to these problems.

What are the responsibilities of those who graduate from the Environmental Health Program?

The main purpose of Üsküdar University Environmental Health Program; to raise awareness among students who are educated about the importance of the environment, why it should be protected and what we can encounter if it is not, and to enable graduates with this awareness to work on environmental issues.

Graduating students are people who help environmental engineers to protect the efficiency of natural resources and to organize the environment in accordance with human health and well-being.

Its main duties are; conducting air, water, soil analysis, determining the level of pollution, determining the factors that cause it when the pollution level reaches the levels that harm the health, ensuring the implementation of the measures determined to make the solid and liquid or gaseous wastes polluting the environment harmless to the environment, tables and graphics in case it is forwarded to the concerned. Students who successfully graduate from the program are given the title of “Environmental Health Technician”.

What are the lessons learned in the Environmental Health Program?

After giving education and the concepts and definitions related to nature and environment in the form of basic sciences such as biology, ecology, climatology, which are among the basic fields of environmental science; The processes of the emergence of various natural and man-made environmental problems and the important points in these processes are detailed on basic subjects such as Solid Waste, Air Pollution and Control, Water Quality and Treatment, Soil Information and Control, It is an educational program that aims to produce different scientific solutions that can be brought to existing problems.In addition, in this program, the legislation related to environmental issues in national and international dimensions are taught comparatively in order to shed light on students' education.

What are the Working Areas of Environmental Health Program Graduates?

They can work in various units, municipalities, institutions such as SEKA, Perkim and İGDAŞ, under the Ministry of Environment.

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