Emergency and Disaster Management - About

Preparation: Optional, Score Type: YGS-1, Language of the Lecture: Turkish

Because of Turkey’s risky geographic position for natural disasters such as earthquakes, which is vital for the well-trained manpower needs of society will take the initiative in the event of a disaster. The purpose of this program is to take measures such as project development, education and awareness before the disasters occurs; it’s important to train innovative researchers, who has equipped with knowledge, coordination and skills to reduce all types of losses in case of a disaster.

This program provides to students, management formation of emergency and disasters with deepen their analytical and communication skills. Therewithal develop them in a variety of career paths such as fire safety, evacuation, pre-disaster planning in legal basis.Students who successfully complete this program, Emergency and Disaster Management are entitled to receive associate degree.

Graduates receive the title of Technician Emergency and Disaster Management.

Our graduates may take measures such as training before the disaster, awareness, project development, in case of disasters will be able to operate to reduce all types of losses, especially coordination and can manage, to undertake the responsibility of a crisis desk in disasters will be able to manage and nurture its affiliated civil defense units.

By organizing the search and rescue operation in all conditions, to undertake the management and administration will be able to provide periodic training in search and rescue and survival issues for all people living in the region where he served as needed.

Thus, institutions and people of the dangers, be able to ensure that you can become proactive preparedness against natural disasters and losses.

Graduates of Emergency and Disaster Management program, in accordance with qualifications gained; they can work or take a position at Disasters and the Emergency Management Presidency due to provincial directorates, the Disaster Management and Coordination Center, the fire brigade, civil defense and search and rescue units, in the private sector and areas related to disaster management in non-governmental organizations, public institutions (hospitals, schools, … etc.) and  in the local relevant departments of government, in organizations related to disaster management in international organizations.

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