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Electroneurophysiology - Mission and Vision


The purpose of the program is to train staff who can work under the supervision of specialist physicians in the use of neurophysiological methods used in diagnosing diseases that occur with impairment of nervous system functions. The main objective is to train qualified technicians who will work under the supervision and supervision of neurology specialists in order to ensure the application of neurophysiological examination methods applied for the analysis of cognitive and behavioral functions in the brain and the detection of diseases that occur with the disruption of these functions. In line with the continuous change and development axis brought by the information society, it is to ensure that qualified individuals are brought into the business life, in line with the demands of market conditions, that respect human rights, closely follow scientific developments.


- To accelerate science and social development by producing projects that affect human health (in biological, social and spiritual fields),

- To increase the quality of education, to reach education standards that can compete at the national and international level by using advanced training techniques and to train qualified intermediate staff who have reached an international level of knowledge in their fields, respect universal values and lead change and innovation.

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