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What is Electroneurophysiology Program?

The purpose of the program educate electroneurophysiology technicians using neurophysiological methods needed for analysis of cognitive and behavioral functions in brain and determination of the diseases constituted by distruption of these functions via supervision of specialist doctors.

Students graduated from Electroneuphysiology Program receive an associate diploma and the title of Healthy technicians (Electroneurophysiology technicians). Electroneurophysiology is an important field of Neurology and Physiology. The students choosing this vocation should have the highest level of  vocational performance and investigation desire.

Alumni can work electroencephalography, evoked potentials and sleep units of polyclinics in public or private hospital via supervision of neurology, otorhinolaryngology, psychiatry, pediatrics, chest diseases and physiology specialists.  In addition, they can work in scientific researches supported by national and international funds in universities as electroneurophysiology technicians.

Brain diseases and Cardiovascular diseases compose the disease group having the most studies and the most patients. Therefore, Electoneurophysiology technicians working in hospital and polyclinics are highly needed in our country.

Also high-budget electroneurophysiology studies are made as international or national. The technicians working in these studies  and educated about electroneurophysiology are needed for both The Europeon Union projects and national projects. The students choosing to be investigator can do  vertical transfer. Students can join to English prep program as optional.

The period of study of Electroneurophysiology program is 2 years. Students receive training about Physiology, Cognitive Neurophysiology, Anatomy, Electroneurophysiology, Neurology...

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