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03 June 2020

2019-2020 Summer Term Applications (Graduate- Undergraduate)

For the 2019-2020 Summer Term Applications (Graduate- Undergraduate),see the link below.https://uskudar.edu.tr/en/icerik/5290/2019-2020-summer-term-applications-graduate-undergraduate

01 June 2020


Requests for exemption will be accepted between June 22 - July 24, 2020. The petitions sent after these dates will not be accepted. Those who have an exemption request must fill the petition in the attachment with a wet signature and send it to the e-mail addresses below by adding their transcripts to the attachment. nuray.kok@uskudar.edu.tr lokman.celik@uskudar.edu.trENG Muafiyet dilekçesi.docx

01 June 2020


Students who have only one failed course that provide their graduation requirements will be given a single course exam according to the 32/1 article of “Uskudar University Associate and Undergraduate Education and Training Regulation". Students who want to take this exam are required to submit their wet signed petitions attached to this announcement and transcripts to the Faculty Secretariat between July 5 - July 20, 2020, after receiving their advisor's approval.Students who submit their petition must contact the instructor of the course. The exam will be held on a date that the instructor deems appropriate."Single Course Exam means that as a result of the make-up exams, the student who has only one course failed to graduate is given the right to enter this exam with the decision of the relevant board of directors. The grade taken in this exam is accepted as course grade."SINGLE COURSE EXAM REQUEST PETITION_TS.DOCX

30 May 2020

2019-2020 Spring Semester Final Exam Schedule

(*) The table contains only the list of courses that will apply the online final exam. You can get information from the lecturer of the course for the evaluation calendar which is Homework / Presentation / Project etc. 2019-2020 Spring Semester Final Exam Schedule 30-05-2020.xlsx

21 May 2020

About Online Internship Template

The online internship template is attached. MDBF online-internship_template.docx

21 May 2020


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the University Senate has decided on online mandatory summer internships for our 3rd and 4th Year students. The topics for the online internships will be given as a project or assignment by the Department Internship Coordinators. The students are required to fill out the template in Word format attached below. The Online Internship Report consists of a Work Summary and a General Report section where daily study details are written. In the Work Summary section, students briefly summarize what they will be doing for each day. Detailed explanation of the work done during the internship such as theoretical and practical explanations are written in the General Report section. The due date for the report is September, 1, 2020.THE TEMPLATE IS ATTACHED.Online Internship Announcement.docx

08 May 2020

Graduation Thesis Template


01 June 2020

UPDATED! (01.06..2020) Bioengineering Department Graduation Thesis Presentation Dates

The current graduation thesis presentation date / time and jury members are determined.CURRENT-Bioengineering-Department-Graduation-Thesis-Presentation-Dates-2019-20-spring-01-6-2020.xlsx

20 Apr 2020

To the Attention of Our Students!

Announcement about the make-up exam:Make-up exams will be held until 4 May 2020, on the date determined by the teacher. For this reason, our students are kindly requested to pay attention to the make-up exam dates that will come from Stix from the teacher of the related course.

03 Apr 2020

Second week ÜÜTV program

2. Hafta MDBF_UUTV.xlsx

25 Mar 2020

About Distance Education

Dear Students,To continue education in universities, it was decided to conduct courses through distance education within the frame of time specified by The Council of Higher Education (YÖK).For this purpose, courses will be implemented as synchronous and / or asynchronous education systems over the distance education system:1. Lecture notes between 16.03.2020 - 27.03.2020 will be shared via STIX in the form of slides/videos on the subject depending on the status of the lessons. You can direct the questions you have in mind or the topics you want to be repeated or the problems you have to your professors, via STIX.2. Homework will be given on the dates you will be informed about the information you have obtained during the distance education period plus the first four weeks of the academic year you had as formal education and this assignment will be evaluated as your MIDTERM grade.3. Necessary information will be given for course work after the midterm exams.During this process, our faculty members will give you all the necessary support and will show the necessary sensitivity.We ask you to act in harmony with us by concentrating on your lessons during this process. Also you should keep your motivation high, follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and do not leave your homes unless necessary.I wish you all a healthy day.Prof. Dr. Osman ÇerezciFaculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Dean

19 Mar 2020

MBG493 Graduation Project

Within the scope of MBG493 Graduation Project, MBG (English) Department students' graduation thesis-advisory matching table has been published.mbg-eng-bitirmetezi-danışmanlistesi.docx

02 Mar 2020

About RCUL102- University Culture course!

University Culture_28_02_2020 ENG.pdfExplanation:The University Culture course is held at 8:40 every Monday as in Turkish and English, simultaneously at the Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall for English departments (A block-4th Floor), and at the Kuleli Hall for Turkish departments (A block-4th Floor).

25 Feb 2020

About the courses to be closed

The courses in the list below are certain that they will not be opened due to the insufficient student demands and they are the courses to be closed. Students who choose the relevant courses should tend to other courses.CBE408Special Topics in Chemical and Biological EngineeringCOME409Automata TheoryMBG427Biochemical EcologyTURK322Basic Turkish II (For İnternational Student)

24 Feb 2020

About the courses to be closed

Note 1: The courses in the list below are the courses that will be closed at the first stage due to insufficient student demands. Students who choose the relevant courses should select the other courses.Note 2: Other courses to be closed at the second stage will be determined on Wednesday and a new arrangement will be made.Downstream ProcessesBEN312Web ProgrammingCOME309Basic Turkish II (For İnternational Student)TURK322Facility Planning and DesignIE404Introduction to Control SystemsCOME314

18 Feb 2020

About Elective Courses

If the students who choose the elective courses planned to be opened in the 2019-2020 spring semester in our Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences remain below 40, the relevant course will be closed and our students must tend to other elective courses and complete the registration procedure with the advisor at the course registration week.

18 Feb 2020


1. Students are firstly required to make course registration from the system. Students who cannot register for the course from the system must take their manual forms from the Secretariat and have them approved by their advisors and submit them to the student affairs.2. Only students who are in the 30% group in Computer Engineering, Bioengineering and Industrial System Engineering departments can fill in a manual form when they have difficulty in choosing courses and when this situation is controlled by their advisor. Apart from that, 100% English departments can complete the course selection from the system.3. At the end of the fourth semester in undergraduate departments, students whose Grade Point Average (GPA) is below 1.80 pass to the probational status. Students who have a probation status can take a maximum of 2 courses from a higher term with 1.60-1.69 GPA and a maximum of 3 courses from a higher term with 1.70-1.79 GPA until they leave the probational status. To leave the probational status, the student repeats some of the lessons who took under (CC).4. Provided that all the courses in the lower semesters have been completed, the student with a GPA of 3.00 and above can take one course from one year upwards and a student with a GANO of 3.50 and above can take two course with approval the advisor from the beginning of the third semester.5. Students who fill out a manual form for prerequisite courses must pass the prerequisite course.6. Students can take a total of 45 ECTS lessons during a semester.7. No lessons are added to students who exceed the limit of 45 ECTS.

17 Feb 2020

Change of Department Name: Electronics Engineering to Electrical-Electronics Engineering

Dear Students;Our department name has been changed from Electronics Engineering to Electrical-Electronics Engineering. You can continue as a student of electronics engineering or as a student of electrical-electronics engineering. It depends on your selection. We will have a meeting after the semester starts to discuss the details.Best wishes and good luck for the spring semester to all.

03 Feb 2020


"PSIR107 Political Science I " make up exam date, time and place are 04.02.2020, 12:00 am and A Block Kuleli.

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