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17 Sept 2020

Attention to students who apply for a Major - Minor in more than one department!

Students who have applied and accepted to more than one department are required to write their Preference / Waiver sections in the petition with a link in the attachment as a wet signature and send them to the Faculty Secretary by e-mail until the end of working hours on Friday, 25.09.2020.The placement process of students who do not submit a waiver petition will be made to the Department they prefer first and their other preferences will be deemed invalid.Major and Minor exemptions will be applied between 15-30 October 2020. lokman.celik@uskudar.edu.trh General Application Form.docx02 MDBF 2020-2021 GÜZ DÖNEMİ ÇAP SONUÇLARI 17.09.2020.XLSX02 MDBF 2020-2021 GÜZ DÖNEMİ YANDAL SONUÇLARI 17.09.2020.XLSX

10 Sept 2020

About Electrical Electronics Departmental Name Change

The Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering decided to change the name of the program from the Department of Electronics Engineering to the Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering. The students who do not want to change the name of the program must apply with a petition until 2020-2021 Fall semester course registrations.

25 Aug 2020


Students who have only one unsuccessful course remaining despite meeting the graduation requirements will be given a single course exam after summer school.Students are required to fill in the petition in the link below regarding the single course exam and submit the relevant documents to the Faculty Secretariat between 02.09.2020 - 07.09.2020, after receiving the approval of the advisor with wet signature (it is suitable to take the single course exam).Applications received after this date will not be accepted.Students who submit their petitions should contact the instructor of the course. The exams will be held between 08.09.2020 - 15.09.2020.EN Single Course Exam Request Form.docx

29 July 2020

To the Attention of Industrial Engineering students who will do Online internship:

** This announcement is for students who cannot find a company to do the online internship.Students who are going to do the online internship must follow the steps below.1. Students who do their first internship will do the manufacturing internship, and those who do the second internship will do the management internship.2. A sector appropriate for the internship will be selected. For example:Manufacturing internship: production, automotive, supplier industry, white goods, furniture, textiles, etc.Management internship: Health, banking, finance, insurance, logistics, transportation, telecommunications etc.3. AT LEAST 3 companies belonging to the same sector will be selected and Internship questions will be answered using the information of these companies on the internet.For Example: The answer to the question "Explain the products of the company (Promote the products of the business)" in the internship questions can be given as follows: Textile sector, Company A Introduction of Products: Products produced in Company A are Jeans, T-shirts, and hats. Skinny Fit Wear Jean Trousers: 10 different sizes in blue color, Low Waist, Slim Fit, Extra Narrow Hem, Stretching the Leg, Narrowing the Ankle, 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane.4. It is necessary to write the name of the selected companies, provide company information and specify the references used.** When the contents are the same, both students' internship reports will be rejected !!

20 July 2020

About Updated Lectures To Be Opened In Summer School

Updated Lectures to be Opened in Summer School.xlsx

13 July 2020


Students who are considering taking courses from another University in Summer School about the courses that are not opened at our university are required to follow the procedure below.1.They must obtain the document containing the content of the course and the ECTS of the course they are going to take, it is appropriate to take this course in summer school from the advisor or the teacher of the course.2.They must fill in the attached petition and delivered by hand with the content approved to the Faculty Secretarial in order to get the approval of the Faculty Executive Board Decision.3.Only students whose petitions have been approved will be able to take courses from another University. Even if students who do not receive approval from the faculty take courses from another University, the courses taken will not be accepted.4. The deadline is 17.07.2020 and the petitions must be submitted by this date.Summer school from outside the institution application form.docx

20 July 2020

Updated (20.07.2020)! 2019-2020 Summer School Schedule

Summer School-2019-2020.pdf

26 June 2020


In the Spring term of 2019-2020 academic year, it has been decided to do internships as online for our students who will do summer internship in the 3rd and 4th grades due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this context;Internships will be applied in the form of project or homework document on the subjects to be given by the Department Internship Coordinators. In the event that the institution to be done internship is done as online, our students who will make transactions according to the procedure below will be given eligibility.1. Students who have agreed to make their summer internship as online at any institution, and have the form below approved by the institution, submit the document to the Faculty Secretary,(by mail)2. If our students sign the petition in the annex that this internship will have their own responsibilities, and send it to the Secretary of the Faculty (by mail), the insurance process of the student will be covered by our University.nuray.kok@uskudar.edu.trlokman.celik@uskudar.edu.trOnline Internship Company Approval Form - 26.06.2020.docOnline Internship Petition - 26.06.2020.doc

25 June 2020

2019-2020 Spring Semester Make-Up Exam Schedule

(*) The table contains only the list of courses that will apply the online make-up exam. You can get information from the lecturer of the course for the evaluation calendar which is Homework / Presentation / Project etc. 2019-2020-bahar-donemi-mdbf-bütünleme-programi-25-06-2020.xlsx

15 June 2020

The date/time of Graduation Thesis Presentations of Industrial Engineering

The date/time and jury members of graduation thesis presentations were determined for Industrial engineering department.Endüstri Mühendisliği Graduation Thesis Timetable.xlsx

09 June 2020

The date/time of Graduation Thesis Presentations of Computer Engineering

The date/time and jury members of graduation thesis presentations were determined for computer engineering department.Graduation_Thesis_TimeTable.xlsx

03 June 2020

2019-2020 Summer Term Applications (Graduate- Undergraduate)

For the 2019-2020 Summer Term Applications (Graduate- Undergraduate),see the link below.https://uskudar.edu.tr/en/icerik/5290/2019-2020-summer-term-applications-graduate-undergraduate

01 June 2020


Requests for exemption will be accepted between June 22 - July 24, 2020. The petitions sent after these dates will not be accepted. Those who have an exemption request must fill the petition in the attachment with a wet signature and send it to the e-mail addresses below by adding their transcripts to the attachment. nuray.kok@uskudar.edu.tr lokman.celik@uskudar.edu.trENG Muafiyet dilekçesi.docx

01 June 2020


Students who have only one failed course that provide their graduation requirements will be given a single course exam according to the 32/1 article of “Uskudar University Associate and Undergraduate Education and Training Regulation". Students who want to take this exam are required to submit their wet signed petitions attached to this announcement and transcripts to the Faculty Secretariat between July 5 - July 20, 2020, after receiving their advisor's approval.Students who submit their petition must contact the instructor of the course. The exam will be held on a date that the instructor deems appropriate."Single Course Exam means that as a result of the make-up exams, the student who has only one course failed to graduate is given the right to enter this exam with the decision of the relevant board of directors. The grade taken in this exam is accepted as course grade."SINGLE COURSE EXAM REQUEST PETITION_TS.DOCX

30 May 2020

2019-2020 Spring Semester Final Exam Schedule

(*) The table contains only the list of courses that will apply the online final exam. You can get information from the lecturer of the course for the evaluation calendar which is Homework / Presentation / Project etc. 2019-2020 Spring Semester Final Exam Schedule 30-05-2020.xlsx

21 May 2020

About Online Internship Template

The online internship template is attached. MDBF online-internship_template.docx

21 May 2020


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the University Senate has decided on online mandatory summer internships for our 3rd and 4th Year students. The topics for the online internships will be given as a project or assignment by the Department Internship Coordinators. The students are required to fill out the template in Word format attached below. The Online Internship Report consists of a Work Summary and a General Report section where daily study details are written. In the Work Summary section, students briefly summarize what they will be doing for each day. Detailed explanation of the work done during the internship such as theoretical and practical explanations are written in the General Report section. The due date for the report is September, 1, 2020.THE TEMPLATE IS ATTACHED.Online Internship Announcement.docx

08 May 2020

Graduation Thesis Template


01 June 2020

UPDATED! (01.06..2020) Bioengineering Department Graduation Thesis Presentation Dates

The current graduation thesis presentation date / time and jury members are determined.CURRENT-Bioengineering-Department-Graduation-Thesis-Presentation-Dates-2019-20-spring-01-6-2020.xlsx

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