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Make-up Exams

The Associate Degree and Undergraduate Degree students attending the Make-up Exams should consider the following matters below;

For those students who have the right to take the final exam and are unsuccessful, or who do not take the exam although they meet the conditions to take the exam; a make-up exam is carried out for the students who have FF and FD grades.

Students who fail by taking the DZ grade due to absenteeism in the related course cannot take the make-up exam.

Students who are successful with DD or DC grades from the related course are not obliged to take the make-up exam. They may take a make-up exam if they wish, but the most recent grade will be considered valid.

The score received from the make-up exam will be used in the success assessment by replacing the final exam score and the letter grade after the make-up exam will be valid.

The final exam score remains valid if the student who has completed the make-up exam does not take the exam.

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