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Departmental Seminar: "Duyusal Yoksunluğun Bilişsel Etkileri"

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  • Departmental Seminar: "Duyusal Yoksunluğun Bilişsel Etkileri"

Event information
Start date : 16 Mart 2022, 13:30:00 - 14:30:00

Prof. Hıdır İlyas Göz from Psychology Department will hold a faculty seminar on "Duyusal Yoksunluğun Bilişsel Etkileri" at the South Campus E Block Sokrates Hall on March 16, 2022, between 13.30-14.30. Those who prefer to attend the event online can attend the event from the link below. We will be glad to have your participation in the event.

The seminar will be held in Turkish.

Topic: Duyusal Yoksunluğun Bilişsel Etkileri

Place: South Campus E Block Socrates Hall

Time: 16 March 2022 / 13:30 Istanbul


Created Date : 11 Mart 2022

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