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Social Security Program

Communication Communication Graduates Contribute to Social Security


What is Social Security Program?

Having professional skills such as making public and private sector operations of both personnel working in public and private sector businesses in a document or computer environment in accordance with the relevant legislation, preparing personnel personal files in a timely and correct manner, arranging private insurance procedures such as private pension, life and non-life insurance. The two-year associate degree program that aims to train “Social Security Professionals” is called the “Social Security” program.

What are the Aims of the Social Security Program?

The purpose of the Social Security Program; Being able to carry out social security operations in public institutions and private businesses computer-aided, strong in social relations and communication, successful in mathematics operations and logic calculation, strong memory, can focus on details, closely follow current legislation, aware of legal responsibilities, basic management knowledge and skills to educate graduates who have.

What are the lessons learned in the social security program?

General Law, Social Security Theory, Social Policy I, Behavioral Sciences, General Economics, History of Labor Relations, University Culture I, Turkish Language I, Ataturk's Principles and History of Revolution I and English I in the first semester of the Social Security Program; In the second semester, General Business, General Accounting, Social Policy II, Introduction to Social Work, Positive Psychology and Communication Skills, Business Law, University Culture II, Turkish Language II, Ataturk's Principles and History of Revolution II and English II; In the third semester, Public Administration, Social Security Law, Professional Ethics, Labor Economics and Social Structure of Turkey's courses; In the fourth semester, Human Resources Management, Turkish Tax System, Information and Technology Law, Social Security Practices in Businesses, Current Issues of Social Security, Insurance courses are given. In addition to these courses, students perform compulsory internships in their professional fields for 20 working days.

What are the Main Duties of the Social Security Program Graduates?

The main duties of the Social Security Program graduates are; worked as workplace social security processes to make the computer-assisted, Social Security Administration, and especially Turkey Business Council, public institutions and organizations do so in accordance with the legislation process regarding the social security legislation, businesses working in social security operations personnel, staff time personnel file and a right to prepare private insurance transactions such as private retirement, life and non-life insurance and to file information and documents related to the workplace and to keep them in accordance with the legal terms.

What are the Working Areas of Social Security Program Graduates?

Graduates of the Social Security Program can primarily work within the body of SGK and İŞ-KUR, in addition to the human resources, personnel, accounting and public relations, insurance, social service departments of the public and private sector enterprises, assistant professors, assistant experts, researchers, assistant auditors and managers. has the opportunity to work as an assistant. Graduates can also be promoted to management in the institutions and businesses they work for.

You can switch to undergraduate programs with DGS

Those who successfully complete the Social Security associate degree program can make vertical transfer to Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Insurance and Social Security, Insurance, Social Work, Economics, Business Administration and Finance Undergraduate Programs, if they pass the Vertical Transfer Exam opened by ÖSYM.

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