Social Safety - About

The main objectives of the Social Security program are; Who are able to carry out social security transactions in public institutions and private enterprises and who are strong in social relations and communication, who are successful in mathematical operations and logic calculations, who are able to keep up with details and closely follow current legislation and who are aware of their legal responsibilities. Is to train graduates with. Social security professional; It is an intermediary that can perform all transactions related to social security of personnel working in public and private sector enterprises according to social security legislation in document or computer environment.

Its main tasks are; To carry out the social security procedures of the workplace that it works with computer assisted, to carry out the transactions related to the social security legislation of the public institutions and organizations, especially the Social Security Institution and the Turkish Employment Agency, in accordance with the legislation and to carry out the social security procedures of the personnel working in the enterprises, To prepare private insurance transactions such as private pension, life and non-life insurance, to file information and documents related to the workplace and keep it in accordance with the legal period.

Employment Areas of Graduates

If the students who successfully complete the "Social Security" Associate Degree program are successful in the Vertical Transfer Exam opened by ÖSYM, They can switch to Social Services degree programs vertically. Administrative staff in the institutions and enterprises they work in may also rise to managerial level.

 Graduates of the Social Security Program have the opportunity to work as vocational staff, specialist assistant, researcher, auditor assistant and manager assistant in human resources, accounting and public relations departments in public and private sector businesses in the business world.
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