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Radiotherapy - About

Rate Type: YGS-1 Optional English Preparatory

Radiotherapy with the program, in the treatment of cancer diseases, oncology specialist will work as assistant technical staff are trained, competent and responsible.

Radiotherapy program and radiation oncologists can use to help and radiation oncology centers to work, machinery and equipment by checking the mask, patient positioning mold, lead block, patient treatment and simulation preparation process, with radiation therapy and simulation knowledge and skills with a qualified allied health personnel are trained. Technician radiotherapy, radiotherapy professionals and / or radiation physicist as a team with the preparation and treatment services are performing.

Radiotherapy those who have completed the program “Radiation Oncology Technician” is given the title. Radiation oncology technician, stage of cancer at diagnosis computed tomography pulls the oncological (cancer) of radiation therapy services to patients in the planning, implementation and conduct of scientific research helps physicians. Radiation oncology clinical technicians in public and private hospitals, private diagnostic centers can work. Radiotherapy applications, usually carried out in the relevant sections of the university and public hospitals and private hospitals for radiotherapy departments are also widely available.

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