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Pharmacy Services - About

Optional English Preparatory

Pharmacy Services; held by doctors prescription drugs available to customers located in the offering, under the supervision of a pharmacist who prepared the preparation of the necessary medicines, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, the drug store to run on the intermediate element is a program that educates.

Pharmacy Services program, a two-year training in pharmacies, patients, pharmaceutical and medical products in the presentation of a pharmacist to assist the authority and responsibility intermediate member yetiştirilmektedir.ecz until Services program aims, in pharmacies to help technical staff are trained. This program’s purpose, providing health care pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sector needed break element completely in a scientific environment to educate, required knowledge and skills with vocational skills is gained as elements, bringing a hand to our youth education and job opportunities, while creating the other hand, higher quality, more scientific and trained personnel in better conditions with the correct consumption of drugs in the treatment process allows.

Pharmacy Services Technician in pharmacies, government offices and pharmacies in the relevant sections, if any, drugs are employed in factories or drug store. Work environments are clean. Odors from drugs are chemical substances found in the structure. While serving in pharmacies are in constant interaction with people.

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