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Pathology Laboratory - About

Who is a Pathology Laboratory Technician?

Pathology laboratory techniques program is a 2-year department and the aim is to train qualified pathology laboratory technicians who can work directly in pathology and cytology laboratories in graduation environment.

What is the Purpose of the Pathology Laboratory Techniques Program?

Knowing all the procedures that will be applied in delivering the organ-tissue and fluid samples taken from the patient to the laboratory, conducting the technical works in the process until the microscope stage in the laboratory, delivering the prepared preparations to the pathologist, having the knowledge and skills to perform the necessary procedures, To train technicians who can control and follow developments in the field of health, who have knowledge and skills about research pathology.

What are the lessons taught in the Pathology Laboratory Techniques Program?

Anatomy –Physiology, Histology, General Microbiology, Basic Concepts in Pathology, General Chemistry, Disease Information, Ataturk's Principles and History of Revolution I, Turkish Language I, English I, University Culture I, General Histotechnology, Laboratory Safety, Device and Care Used in Pathology, Ataturk's Principles and History of Revolution II, Turkish Language II, English II, University Culture II, Summer Practice, Application of Pathology Laboratory Techniques I, Cytotechnology I, Macroscopic Dissection, Cytotechnology II, Molecular Pathology, Forensic Pathology, First Aid, Pathology Laboratory Techniques Practice II.

What are the Employment Areas of Pathology Laboratory Techniques?

Candidates who graduated from the Pathology Laboratory Techniques Program; It can work in pathology and cytology laboratories of university hospitals, state hospitals and private hospitals, forensic medicine pathology laboratories, histology laboratories of medical faculties, molecular pathology laboratories and companies that supply materials and equipment to laboratories.

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