Pathology Laboratory - About

Pathology Laboratory Technician program is an annual part 2 and the aim is to educate laboratory technicians qualified to work in pathology and histology laboratories directly after graduation.

Therefore, to gain a general notion that medicine will form the basis on this subject in the curriculum anatomy, physiology, histology, biochemistry, general pathology courses as well as particular mainly from the 2nd semester histotechnology, cytotechnology, Immunohistochemical techniques, molecular pathology techniques, pathology laboratory techniques seeing practical lessons in theory and practice are intended to be made to the authority in this area. Among the objectives of the program is to educate technicians who know all the processes of the pathology lab before, during and after, who have the necessary knowledge and skills to apply the required operations, who knows the quality control and assurance of the pathology laboratory, who can develop and control it, who has knowledge and skills related to research pathology, who follows developments in the area of health and is therefore competent.

Pathology Technician program students who have graduated from university can work in government and private hospitals, pathology laboratories ,private pathology laboratory , the Forensic Medicine Institute of Pathology , Faculty of Medicine Histology Laboratory and Molecular Pathology Laboratory.

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