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Operating Room Services - About

What is the Operating Room Services Program?

It is an assistant surgical healthcare staff who prepares all surgical materials used in the operating room and provides them to be used during surgery, who are directly involved in all surgical teams, who can provide the surgeon with assists during the operation, and who also have practical and theoretical equipment in other fields of health sciences in a multidisciplinary manner.

What are the responsibilities of those who graduate from the Operating Theater Program?

• To prepare the operating table and instruments before the surgery,

• Assisting the surgical team during the surgery,

• To ensure the sterilization of the instruments used after the operation (removal from germ) and to preserve them,

To ensure the maintenance, cleaning, preservation and supply of all devices and instruments in the operating room,

• To ensure the preservation of operating room sterilization.

 Courses Taken in Operating Room Services Program

Courses taken in the Operating Room Services Program; Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Knowledge of Surgical Diseases I, Basic Microbiology, University Culture I, Turkish Language I, English I, Introduction to Biomedical Technology, Ataturk's Principles and History of Revolution I, Positive Psychology and Communication Skills, Sterilization Principles, Knowledge of Surgical Diseases II, Operating Room Applications I, University Culture II, Ataturk's Principles and Revolution History II, Turkish Language II, English II, Summer Practice, Health Services Management, Introduction to Anesthesia, First Aid, Operating Room Practices II, Social Responsibility Project, Patient Safety, Health Law, Quality Assurance and Standards, Professional Ethics, Operating Room Practices III, Exercise and Bodybuilding.

 It is possible to switch from the Operating Room Services Program to the Undergraduate Program with the Vertical Transfer Exam

Those who graduate from the Operating Room Services Program can make vertical transfer to Emergency and Disaster Management, Nursing and Nursing and Health Services undergraduate programs with the Vertical Transition Exam (DGS), if the quota is opened in their fields by using the provisions of the Regulation on the Continuation of Undergraduate Education of Vocational Schools and Open Education Associate Degree Graduates.

 What are the Operating Fields of the Operating Theater Program Graduates?

It has become a much-needed profession with the low number of graduates and the increase of private hospitals. Hospitals have high opportunities to find jobs because they need specially trained healthcare professionals.

Operating Room Technicians work in operating room units of private and public hospitals.

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