Operating Room Services - About

This division aims to train staff who lay out all medical instruments for the surgical operation ,  be the part of the surgery team and assist the surgeon during the surgery  as well as to provide assistant health personnel with practical and technical experiences for other health sciences departments toward our multidisciplinary approach .

Graduates are given associate degree and the title of  “health technician”. Surgery technician has to be provide requirements  regarding  to work safety and environmental protection as part of  occupational quality and efficiency in accordance with principles of the institution. Their responsibilities are to prepare medical instruments and operation table before and during the surgery, sterilization and protection of the equipment after the surgery under the supervision of responsible specialist.  Also technician secure the maintenance, cleaning and supplying all the devices and sterilization of the operation room.

Our graduates as a health technician can find job opportunities  in all  university and state hospitals.

This program accepts students through SAY-1 and from vocational high school without exam. Education language is Turkish and education duration is 2 years. Students who prefer to trend  research has right of vertical transfer to undergraduate program in case of enough quota.

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