Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - About

The protection of human health, natural resources, as well as the plant began to come to the fore today, instead of the traditional applications of scientific knowledge-based applications based on the information received. The purpose of this program is the collection of wild medicinal and aromatic plants, cultivation, production, processing, marketing and use of trained manpower which is very important to build on methods. This program will provide scientific support for those who want to work on the medicinal plants is the program feature.

Program, food, medicine, dye and medicinal herbs are the protection of the economic value of the cosmetics industry, cultivation; cultivation of technical personnel to target help needed for the determination of the properties have been opened.

To this end, protection of genetic resources and their students to be taught as field crops cultivation. On the other hand, active agents for the pharmaceutical industry and the determination of the properties of these plants, treatment plants, the power of these studies is also aimed at boosting substances that effect. Also, students in the regions have the opportunity to use the theoretical knowledge they have acquired through land applications. Plants, based on morphological characteristics and attributes that determine the nature of them, students also learn to make collection and can be stored under appropriate conditions.

Students who graduate from the program of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Ministry of Agriculture, pharmaceutical factories, pharmacies, cosmetic industry, etc. can be employed in such enterprises.

“Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Technician” Students who have graduated from a medical herbalist or may set up their own businesses on wild collection. It also can open a shop selling herbal medicine.

Associate Degree in Vocational Schools and Open Education Graduates are also the continuation of studies in the areas of use of the provisions of the Regulation on vertical transmission if the quota is opened Exam (DGS) and gain the right to enroll in undergraduate programs.

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