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Medical Promotion and Marketing - About

Rate Type: YGS-6 Optional English Preparatory

Pharmaceutical industry, as well as all over the world constantly developing sector in Turkey is. Therefore, drug representatives who have received a good education are needed. Who were born as a result of the advancements in medicine and in recent years the group has become one of the most popular professions in the medical profession one of the promotion and marketing is part. Medical Promotion and Marketing Programme, pharmaceutical and medical sector is a program that trained salesperson.

Medical Promotion and Marketing training program with the needs of businesses operating in the pharmaceutical sector and infrastructure with basic professional knowledge, produced by pharmaceutical companies to promote their drugs to physicians and qualified staff will bring them grown. The purpose of the program, today’s Turkey needs of the pharmaceutical industry, knowledgeable, have self-confidence, communication, strong, respectable, capable of working in a planned and organized to educate marketers.

Graduates in pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies and medical depots in the medical representatives, sales representatives are involved with a title like. Medical Representative of the market in need of drug promotion and marketing of competitors in the market movement according to the conditions of sale, determining drug-related information transfer, promotions and scientific meetings to organize, to organize announced the launch of the drug by doctors patient prescriptions written ensure that such tasks they undertake.

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