Medical Imaging Techniques - About

The purpose of the program educate assistant needed in studies carried out by a physician for the use of X-rays in the diagnosis of disease. Students graduated from Vocational High School may choose this program.

In Radiology program, students receive training about radiological imaging techniques, radiation oncology, radiation safety and protection, anatomy, physiology, biophysics in basic subjects. In addition, social studies, such as deontology are also available.

To take theoretical knowledge about this issue of students in accordance with Radiology program, to do practice in supervision of Faculty Members in the center under the guidance of imaging applications adequately equipped and to complete practices via rotation in different parts of medical imaging units compose content of the program.

Students graduated from this program can work under the supervision of an expert in radiology departments of public and private health care organizations. Technicians working in hospitals and polyclinics also are needed in European Union projects and national projects.

The students choosing to be investigator can do  vertical transfer. Alumni of The Program of Medical Imaging Technician can work in public or private hospitals and polyclinics radiology units via supervision of neurology, pediatrics, pulmonology and physiology experts.

In addition, they can work in scientific researches supported by national and international funds in universities as medical imaging technicians.

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