Laboratory Technology - About

To educate qualified technical personnel who can assemble the concepts and principles related to the topic, follow the new systems and technological methods, have the ability to design new products, produce and quality control, and work in the preparation, design, laboratory and production units including quality assurance.EMPLOYMENT AREAS OF GRADUATESThe students graduated from the Laboratory Technology program can work as technicians in the laboratories. The graduates are also engaged in the analysis of soil-water-plant, fertilizer analyzes in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and in the laboratory parts of the Ministry, such as Rural Services, State Hydraulic Works, Agricultural Research Institutes, Agricultural Provincial Control Laboratories, Food Control Laboratories, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Laboratories, factories producing all kinds of food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural inputs, laboratories established in the municipality, laboratories of the related departments of the university, laboratories of food factories, and private laboratories of their own establishments.

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