Health Information System Technics - About

The rapid development of technologies in Healthcare Information Systems has led to a rapid increase in the field of informatics. Health Information Systems Technician; It is analogous to computer programming in general terms; Because after the computer programming department was closed, that department was opened in place and similar courses continue to be processed. However, besides computer programming department courses, courses related to health information systems are also included in the training program.
In the program; New technologies and mobility in health, healthcare management, health web project, medical documentation, clinical information systems and health information systems.
The purpose of this program is; To train enough staff to work in all kinds of health institutions, to use computers and to use health equipment. Graduates; Hospitals can be employed in jobs such as computer programming and the operation, teaching, maintenance and repair of medical devices. They will be mainly employed in the information processing and other computer-based departments of hospitals.

They will be able to work in government, universities, private hospitals and other health institutions and organizations. Areas of study include; The Ministry of Health and its affiliates, the state, universities and private hospitals, institutions such as Red Cross, various insurance companies, social security institutions, medical drug manufacturers and distribution companies, companies producing medical equipment are included.
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