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Health Information System Technics - About

Sufficient Staff are Raised on the Use of Computer and Health Equipment

What is Health Information Systems Technician Program?

The rapid development of technologies for information systems in health causes the importance given to informatics in this field to increase rapidly. Health Information Systems Technician; in general it is similar to computer programming. In addition to the Computer Programming Department courses, courses on health information systems are also included in the training program.

Assigned in the IT Department of Hospitals

The purpose of this program is; To train sufficient staff to work in all kinds of health institutions and to use computer and health equipment. Graduates; It can be employed in jobs such as computer programming and operating, teaching, maintenance and repair of medical devices in hospitals. He is mainly employed in the computing and other computer-based departments of hospitals.

What are the lessons learned in the Health Information Systems Technician Program?

In the program; Basic Information Technologies, New Technologies in Health, Software Installation and Management, Health Services Management, Health Legislation, Visual Programming, Database Management, Medical Documentation, Server Operating Systems, System Analysis and Design, Hospital Information Management Systems such as lessons are given.

What are the Fields of Study of Health Information Systems Technician Program Graduates?

Program graduates; It can work in public hospitals, university hospitals, private hospitals and other health institutions and organizations.

Among his research fields are; Ministry of Health and affiliated units, public hospitals, university hospitals and private hospitals, institutions / organizations such as Kızılay, various insurance companies, social security institutions, medical drug manufacturers and distribution companies, medical equipment manufacturers.

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