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Food Technology - About

What is the Food Technology Program?

The Food Technology Program is a training program that incorporates the power of different basic disciplines in the training program due to the nature of the "Food Technician" profession. Program; By bringing innovative approaches to the person, it trains intermediate staff who have the ability to apply more than engineers in small, medium and large scale food producing enterprises.

What is the Task and Definition of Food Technicians?

Tasks of Food Technicians:

Food Technician ensures that foodstuffs are collected, stored, produced, packaged, transported in accordance with health conditions, and food; They take part in preventing physical, chemical and microbiological contamination.

  • To organize business
  • To apply hygiene and sanitation rules
  • Checking and regulating storage conditions
  • Making preparations before analysis
  • To prepare the sample for analysis
  • Sensory, physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of the sample
  • Making post-analysis operations
  • Filling in the analysis forms
  • To evaluate the results of the analysis according to the legislation.
  • To carry out activities related to professional development.

Definition of Food Technicians:

It is an intermediate professional who interprets the data with the responsible supervisor who performs sensory, physical, chemical, physiological and microbiological controls and analyzes in samples taken from foods.

What are the features that should be in food technician?

  • Has a business discipline,
  • Taking care of the use of tools and equipment belonging to the laboratory,
  • Uses hands and fingers skillfully,
  • Providing eye and hand coordination,
  • Should be careful and responsible,
  • Paying attention to job security,
  • Who have a lifelong learning desire,
  • Process skills should be improved
  • They must be professionally trained.

What are the lessons learned in the Food Technology Program?

In order to gain general culture in the curriculum in the first year; University Culture, Ataturk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution, Turkish Language and English courses, in order to develop basic knowledge and to provide infrastructure for the field; General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Basic Microbiology, Basic Mathematics, Food Preservation and Packaging Techniques, Food Additives, Food Health Reliability and Food Legislation, Food Hygiene and Sanitation courses are given in Food Technology. In the second year, in order to gain professional qualifications; Vegetable Oil Technology, Dairy Technology, Meat Products Technology, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technologies, Organic Agriculture and Bakery Products Technology, Ready Meal Systems and Special Foods Technology, Food Technology Applications, Food Analysis Practices and Nutrition Principles are given.

What are the Study Fields of Food Technology Program Graduates?

Graduates; public institutions related to the food industry, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Forestry Control Laboratories, Graduate School of Hygiene, Municipalities, Provincial Health Directorates can work in food laboratories and private food laboratories of factories producing ready and processed food. They can also set up their own private food business.

 For those who want to pursue a career in a different field; There is also the opportunity to pass to departments such as Nutrition and Dietetics (Dietitian), Plant Protection, Food Engineering, Science Chemistry and Agricultural Biotechnology with DGS exam.

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