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Technology Program “Food Technologist” profession, the nature of the training program incorporates the power of the different sciences. Periods of four semesters of undergraduate-level Food Technology Programmes, two-year training programs. The program is small, medium and large-scale enterprises engaged in the production of food find in the nature of leadership and management stages, researchers, and engineers can follow the innovations have the ability to search more than one application is to train qualified personnel. Food quality and health control technician candidates who want to be the upper level having the general ability, hearing or interested in chemistry and biology, sensory skills to good use, with a vision to make observations and high-attentive, personal characteristics, such as awareness of social responsibility needs to be developed are Equipped with adequate knowledge of food science and technology, and practices of information obtained from food production, quality assurance, research and development in areas such as food control and can use effectively, skilled manufacturing processes, food regulations and legislation to implement modern production technologies, knowledge, teamwork Inclined to matching food technicians to train professional ethics.

Associate degree graduates of this program, “Food Technician” given the title. Food Technician, in accordance with the health conditions of food production, packaging, storage and delivery to consumers, allowing the chemical and microbiological analyzes, interprets intermediate vocational element. Food technicians on food industry technical staff work as public and private sector organizations.

Associate Degree in Vocational Schools and Open Education Graduates Graduates are also on the continuation of studies making use of the provisions of the Regulation, if the areas of vertical transmission quota opened Exam (DGS) and gain the right to enroll in undergraduate programs.

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