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Emergency and First Aid - About

First aid and emergency pre-hospital emergency services program, whether professionally, and then the main treatment of the sick and wounded during the time period required until they moved to centers with appropriate conditions and preventive care that may lead to life-saving and disabled to remain allied health staff trained.

The aim of this program is to train first and emergency aid technicians, who are healthy and strong, can think and make decisions quickly, and have good fine motor skills. These candidates are careful, even-tempered, have a strong understanding of their responsibilities and can help patients based on their conditions. They can aid policemen or firemen when a patient needs to be placed in an ambulance, give the necessary information about the condition of patients when needed, serve in emergency rooms in the hospitals, and when necessary, can drive an ambulance.

Graduates of this program can be entitled to become a “Paramedic,” and can be eligible for working at the emergency services of hospitals, 112 centers and stations, and ambulance services. There are certain rules and legal documents created by the Ministry of Health that define the responsibilities and duties of employees working in this field.

Graduates also have the opportunity to transfer by taking DGS (direct transfer exam) to this program if there is a contingent...

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