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Elderly Care Services - About

About Elderly Care Program

It is aimed to increase the quality of life of individuals

What is Elderly Care Program?

The development of medicine and technology in the world and in our country and the individuals becoming more conscious about health have been effective in prolonging life. As in many countries, the elderly population is increasing in our country. The increasing elderly population has brought with it many problems that need to be solved.

Returning to the nuclear family from the traditional family structure causes the problem of loneliness of the elderly. The changes brought about by aging and the fact that it is difficult for the elderly to stay with the family revealed the need for care. The prolonged lifetime and increased care needs of the elderly increase the need for professionals who will carry out one-to-one care services.

Competent Experts Are Raised With Applied Courses

By integrating and assimilating the necessary knowledge, skills and values about elderly care service with Üsküdar University Elderly Care Program; It is aimed to train specialist health technicians who have the quality of implementing and developing elderly care services in public space, private area and non-governmental organizations.

Learning skills of the Elderly Care Services Program constitute the ability to know the basic characteristics and needs of the elderly and to meet the needs of the elderly in this direction, and to be able to approach the elderly in a holistic manner. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, applications are also carried out in nursing homes, elderly care and rehabilitation centers, elderly day care centers and institutions providing home care services.

Needs of Older Individuals

In Üsküdar University Elderly Care Services Program; Professional staff who can fulfill the care needed by elderly individuals, prepare and provide the necessary environments, contribute to the development of health standards of elderly individuals and increase the quality of life, implement and develop elderly care services, produce solutions, have analytical thinking skills, teamwork and a sense of responsibility. it is grown.

What are the lessons learned in the Elderly Care Program?

In the first year of our education, Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Basic Gerontology, Elderly Care Principles and Practices I-II, Positive Psychology and Communication Sciences, University Culture I-II, Ataturk Principles and Revolution History I-II, Turkish Language I-II, English I -II, Principles of Nutrition, Basic Pharmacology, Chronic Diseases in the Elderly and Elderly Psychology courses are taken. In the second year of our education, First Aid, Elderly Care Principles and Practices III-IV, Elderly Chronic Diseases II, Occupational Ethics, Elderly Care Services at Home, Palliative and Post-Life Care, Rehabilitation in the Elderly, Social Responsibility and Summer Internship courses are taken.

What are the Fields of Study for Graduates from the Elderly Care Program?

Graduates are able to work under the supervision of specialists in institutions where elderly care services are carried out, social services and child protection institutions, municipalities, hospitals, non-governmental organizations and related institutions. Those who want to continue their undergraduate education can continue their undergraduate programs with DGS exam if the quota is opened in their fields by using the provisions of the regulation.

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