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About the Elderly Care Program

Language of Learning: Turkish Preparatory course: Optional Score Type: YGS-2

With geriatric (advanced age) care technician program; in the world and in our country, the development of medicine, technology, individuals become more conscious about health and the life expectancy has grown. As in many other countries, there has been an increase in the young population as well as the elderly population in our country. The growing elderly population has also revealed many problems that need to be solved.

Increasingly, the deterioration of the traditional structure, the return to the core family, has revealed the problem of the elderly being alone. The physiological and psychological changes caused by aging and the difficulty of staying with the elderly in the family have increased the need for care. The prolongation of the life span and the increased maintenance needs of the elderly have created the need for a professional intermediate staff to carry out care services in practice.

The aim of the Elderly care program

For this reason, the main purpose of the program is to integrate and assimilate the knowledge, skills and values necessary for the elderly care services of the students who will benefit from the program; to ensure that elite care practitioners and practitioners in the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations are qualified health technicians. The elderly care services program's educational principles constitute the ability to know the basic characteristics and needs of the elderly and to acquire the ability to meet the needs of the elderly in this direction and at the same time to have a holistic approach to the elderly. Applications are carried out in hospitals, nursing homes and elderly care rehabilitation centers, elderly day centers and home care services.

Elderly Care Program Target

The target of the program; To train professional staff with analytical thinking ability, team work and a sense of responsibility, who can carry out the care needed by elderly individuals, prepare and present the necessary environments, contribute to the improvement of health standards of elderly individuals and increase the quality of life.

Elderly Care program graduates job employment areas

Graduates who have received a diploma by completing the program; can work in hospices, and elderly care services in the relevant units of the Social Services and Child Protection Agency, Municipalities, Hospitals, Non-Governmental Organizations and Private Institutions. Graduates can also gain the right to enroll in undergraduate programs through the vertical transfer examination (DGS) if quotas are opened in their fields by taking advantage of the provisions of the regulations on the continuation of the undergraduate study of Vocational Schools and Open Education associate degree graduates.

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