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Dialysis - About

What is Dialysis Program?

The need for qualified employees in the one of the fastest growing health sectors in Turkey is increasing. Dialysis technicians are in high demand.

A dialysis technician, under the supervision of doctors, takes care of the patients who are undergoing dialysis treatment, and is the only responsible person for the patient’s daily, weekly, monthly, and annual condition while undergoing treatment. In every company or field a dialysis machine is used, graduates can be employed as a dialysis technician.

Accumulated in the body of harmful substances such as urea dialysis treatment and the process of removing excess water from the body through a membrane. Used in the treatment of advanced renal failure. Dialysis treatment, impaired renal function allows you to continue living in a part of the editing. Dialysis technicians providing technical support to these treatment elements. Graduates work in government and private dialysis centers.

Graduates also have the opportunity to transfer by taking DGS (direct transfer exam) to this program if there is a contingent.

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