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Dental Technology - About

Rate Type: YGS-2 Optional English Preparatory

What is Dental Technology Program?

Dentists can use to help, educates qualified technical personnel to carry out the laboratory stage. Thus, a greater number of dentists take the time the patient will be given the opportunity.

Dental Prosthetic Technician given a two-year training, which creates the dentist’s treatment plan is made based on laboratory applications. By a dentist based oral dimensions of the model are ready, prepared models on the fixed and removable partial dentures shaping, molding method to replicate, they are leveling and polishing aesthetic appearance, giving mouth suitable for use in making enables. Use of the tool makes maintenance and simple repairs.

Students who graduate from this program are awarded with the title of Dental Prosthetic Technician. Our graduates Government hospitals, dental hospitals, universities, public institutions such as hospitals created in the dental laboratory, the private sector started to find a job in a private dental laboratory. They can work in the dental laboratory can open...

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