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Care and Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities - About

What is Care and Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities Program?

  • The World Health Organization definition of disability, based on the results of the disease such as the following, which focuses on the health aspect has a definition and classification.Noksanlık (Impairment):

• “Health” in terms of deficiency “psychological, anatomical, or a deficiency or imbalance refers to the physical structure and functions.”

• Disability (Disability): “Health in the field of ‘disability’ and normal can be considered a deficiency resulting from the loss of the ability to perform a job than a human being, and refers to the status of limitation.”

• Disability (Handicap): “wellness area” disability “as a result of a deficiency or disability, occurring in a particular person and that person’s age, gender, social and cultural situation can be considered normal by preventing and limiting the ability to operate at a disadvantage refers to the situation.”

“Health is not only the absence of illness and disability, but also physical, mental and social well-being aspects of a situation. Disability in the physical, mental and spiritual characteristics of the image to a certain extent, and constantly causing loss of organ function and the absence or failure to comply with the requirements of the normal life of people from the state of disorder. This condition is called people with disabilities. ”

Integration of people with disabilities in the direction of the society they live in today’s Turkey is known to intense problems. Starting and spreading rename problem in many areas of life of people with disabilities live in the community of these problems make it difficult to live in a functional integrity. Individuals who are struggling with problems that can not produce solutions that are relevant to them constantly feel unhappy with themselves. This is a basic human right, the right of the individual to perform his quality of life means to eliminate. Overcome these problems, but have lived with disabilities integrated have completed their studies from the perspective of (bio-) and a multidisciplinary understanding of science (sociology, psychology, social work, medicine, etc.). won the requirements of the “Disabled Care Technicians” will be through.

Disabled care technician; taken care of the disabled, and information, using the techniques of education and disabled care, disabled and needy individuals to life, promotion, the next concern the purification, productive leisure assessment and prevention to be sensitive to their own bodies and living areas, and bringing into the habit of enforces defined as manpower.

Our goal is to internalize the concepts and principles related to the topic, that can fulfill the requirements of their profession, the basic characteristics of individuals with disabilities, who knows the needs of care and treatment, support and rehabilitation services that can offer people who love, respect, creative, tolerant and patient with people at the same time the characteristics of the elderly with disabilities to receive care in institutions that provide holistic approach the task is to train qualified professional elements.

Disabled care and rehabilitation technicians providing basic health care at medical centers and outpatient clinics, hospitals, physical therapy and rehabilitation units, nursing homes, nursing homes, day care centers, a variety of institutions, including infirmaries and can serve individuals with disabilities in their homes. The possibility of finding a job in the area is quite large. Your knowledge, skills and abilities depending on the profession, there is almost no risk of becoming unemployed.

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